2016 Tournament Results

5th Upper
First PlaceSt. Mary Star of the Sea
Second PlaceSt. Thomas
Third PlaceOLM
Fourth PlaceOLA
ConsolationSt. Annes
Consolation Runner UpSt. Patrick's
6th Upper
First PlaceSt. Finn Bar
Second PlaceSt. Cecilia
Third PlaceSt. Anne's
Fourth PlaceSt. Peter's Pacifica
ConsolationSt. Mary's
Consolation Runner UpSt. Dunstan
7th Lower
First PlaceWest Portal
Second PlaceOLM
Third PlaceSt. Mary's
Fourth PlaceOLA
ConsolationSt. Isadora
Consolation Runner UpSt. Patrick's
7th Upper
First PlaceOLM
Second PlaceSt. John Vianney
Third PlaceSt. Raymond
Fourth PlaceOLA
ConsolationSt. Cecilia's
Consolation Runner UpSt. Brendan
8th Upper
First PlaceJoan of Arc
Second PlaceSt. Isadore
Third PlaceSt. Patrick's
Fourth PlaceSt. Cecilia
Consolation Runner UpWest Portal