2013 Tournament Results

6th Grade Lower
First PlaceSt. Timothy
Second PlaceSt. Brigid
Third PlaceSt. Anne 2
Fourth PlaceOLA
Consolation Runner UpSt. Anne 1
Seventh PlaceEpiphany
6th Grade Upper
First PlaceWPL
Second PlaceOLM
Third PlaceSt. Anne
Fourth PlaceOLA
ConsolationSt. Stephen
Consolation Runner UpEpiphany
Seventh PlaceHoly Name
7th Grade Lower
First PlaceSt. John
Second PlaceSt. Stephan
Third PlaceWPL
Fourth PlaceOLA 1
7th Grade Upper
First PlaceSt. Gabriel
Second PlaceSt. Brigid
Third PlaceWPL "A"
Fourth PlaceSt. Anne
ConsolationSt. Brendan
Consolation Runner UpEpiphany
Seventh PlaceWPL "B"
8th Grade Lower
First PlaceEpiphany 2
Second PlaceSt. Anne
Third PlaceOLA
Fourth PlaceSt. John
ConsolationGood Shepherd
Consolation Runner UpWPL
Seventh PlaceSt. Brendan
8th Grade Upper
First PlaceHoly Name
Second PlaceOLM
Third PlaceSt. Brigid
Fourth PlaceWPL
ConsolationSt. Anne
Consolation Runner UpOLA
Seventh PlaceStart of the Sea